Making your first million after 50? Don’t worry you’re not late


 That might be the first thing that you might be getting when you continuously scroll through various social media platforms and find that a lot many teenagers and adults in their early 20’s have already crossed the $ 1 million mark in their lives.

 You’re here in your 40th or 50th year fretting over the fact that you might be a late boomer and have probably discovered passion late.

Having Thanksgiving dinner with my family, I got to know that one of my nieces is now about to set her path to college, whereas one of the other nephews has dropped out because he did not find college thought-provoking.

He wanted to become a coder, what made him drop was the expensive tuition fees that ultimately will go into the university’s pocket, which might not be the platform to teach his passion.

That was years ago. Now he’s a great coder who already has 3 apps developed and sold at a million.

What made me my eyes bulge out was that he was already planning to have a couple of Teslas’ planned to be parked at the back gate and early retirement procedure going on.

 Wasn’t thanksgiving where the youngsters got their legs pulled and not a 40-year-old woman.

Well, I felt the complete opposite way.

There was a twist though.

I was happy.

I was not only happy for my nieces and nephews but I was happy with my self as well.

I know it took me time and I sort of accomplished myself as a late bloomer, but I have no regrets of where I am right now. Having my digital agency, I have gone through a rollercoaster of multiple jobs, from being a retail manager to shifting myself as a product manager in one of the fast-food companies. From writing exquisite articles in a publishing company to assessing myself to be a fit for a fashion luxury world, I have tried what could have been best for me.

There’s one thing that definitely will not have in my upcoming future is regret. Regret that I was stuck in a dead-end job, and I couldn’t get out of it due to the safety of a salary knocking on my door every month.

So, how did I approach this realm of finding my first million and satisfying career?

1. Find your Passion

Retail, maybe not.

 Marketing yes.

Marketing in what.

 That is what kind of question I wanted to answer. A whirlwind of different jobs, clients, projects, some which paid peanuts, some which made it big. With a sigh of satisfaction, I can simply say that the work I am doing right now is the kind of work I am obsessed with and would not mind continue doing it till my body sends a signal to retire.

2. Take risks

Taking risks can be one of the best things.

Going by the famous quote, you only live once, I should take risks and fail.

Fail big.

 So that at the age of 80 when I am sitting in a rocking chair, I am not dwelling the fact that I was stuck with something just because I wanted to play safe and, in that race, I couldn’t fulfill the urge to truly find myself.

3. Face Failures

One of my biggest fears was to face failures.

 If you’re in a position where you have to work cause you have to take the ROI of the school you invested in or probably work to fulfill the daily demands of the stomach, then you’re limiting yourself to just titles, popularity or income.

We all are a bit sensitive, aren’t we?

If someone’s going to come to us to say that you’re still stuck here, it is going to sting, no matter how many times we might have practiced in front of the mirror.

That’s the point though. To build resilience. To go through ups and downs and build perspective, cause that is the weapon that gives you an advantage for your start-up over a recent college graduate.

 You’re more worth than what other humans define you simply by words or titles and this journey is an example to prove it, not the next Mercedes booking you make at the car dealership.

Honestly, if I was not worried about the fact that I am going to be stuck in my dead-end job and had not upskilled myself, the digital agency might have just been a dream. A dream which someone else might have achieved.

Lastly, I would say it keeps getting better. Don’t panic or worry about catching up. The ultimate joy is in the journey and the detours you make to reach your destination. Cause if up and up and up is the only way then there’s no fun in that journey and sky might have been touched a bit too early.