Planning to make a content calendar? Here are the 4 things you can focus on.

So, following my last article, there were a couple of questions on how do you go about creating a content calendar and updating it.

Every blogger or even a writer needs a content calendar in order to stay organised on what to post and when to post.

Below given are some points you can take care while making a content calendar.

  1. How frequently will I post on social media?
  2. What type of content will I post on social media?
  3. How will my post entertain and inform my audience?
  4. How will my posts help me achieve my goals?

 Depending on your website or page, whether you decide to post once or twice or more than twice a week, content calendar makes all the task pretty easy.

Let’s take an example here. This story is about a baker who has opened up new in town. Their goal is to spread the news of their delicacy not only in this town but in the entire city.  

Question arises, how should they go about it?

They strive on their delicious cupcakes and the art with which they deliver their desserts. So, how many times should they post (how frequently?).

Well,  if social media is considered a post of their different delicacies, twice or thrice a day would entice their customers, whereas how they made a certain dessert can be once or twice a week.

A trailer to generate curiosity would enhance the traffic on their website and customers would look forward to what’s in store for them the next week (type of content).

Blogs, posts, vlogs, videos, tutorials everything aligns for them.

So, if some of my previous posts have generated curiosity and others didn’t manage to, then tracking the analytics is the best part to know the answer of the 3rd question.

A blog post of a cupcake and how I made it without any use of oven or microwave was a hit.

Vlogging of a how a day in the bakery goes was not.

Facebook ads and analytics through these can give you an idea of what your customers specifically prefers.

All in all, your main KPI is to increase the traffic to your website or blog so that there is an increase in the sales of delicious baked items.

Regularly analyzing these and then taking a feedback weekly of how the different posts have performed, how have they contributed to the increase in sales can help you achieve your weekly goals.

Goals achieved day by day will give you new goals every month and year and so on.

There are a lot many examples that can come forth. Whether you’re into beauty business or the famous cat lady, you can take some inspiration from the above story and start your own successful story.

Let your ideas flourish.