Making your first million after 50? Don’t worry you’re not late


 That might be the first thing that you might be getting when you continuously scroll through various social media platforms and find that a lot many teenagers and adults in their early 20’s have already crossed the $ 1 million mark in their lives.

 You’re here in your 40th or 50th year fretting over the fact that you might be a late boomer and have probably discovered passion late.

Having Thanksgiving dinner with my family, I got to know that one of my nieces is now about to set her path to college, whereas one of the other nephews has dropped out because he did not find college thought-provoking.

He wanted to become a coder, what made him drop was the expensive tuition fees that ultimately will go into the university’s pocket, which might not be the platform to teach his passion.

That was years ago. Now he’s a great coder who already has 3 apps developed and sold at a million.

What made me my eyes bulge out was that he was already planning to have a couple of Teslas’ planned to be parked at the back gate and early retirement procedure going on.

 Wasn’t thanksgiving where the youngsters got their legs pulled and not a 40-year-old woman.

Well, I felt the complete opposite way.

There was a twist though.

I was happy.

I was not only happy for my nieces and nephews but I was happy with my self as well.

I know it took me time and I sort of accomplished myself as a late bloomer, but I have no regrets of where I am right now. Having my digital agency, I have gone through a rollercoaster of multiple jobs, from being a retail manager to shifting myself as a product manager in one of the fast-food companies. From writing exquisite articles in a publishing company to assessing myself to be a fit for a fashion luxury world, I have tried what could have been best for me.

There’s one thing that definitely will not have in my upcoming future is regret. Regret that I was stuck in a dead-end job, and I couldn’t get out of it due to the safety of a salary knocking on my door every month.

So, how did I approach this realm of finding my first million and satisfying career?

1. Find your Passion

Retail, maybe not.

 Marketing yes.

Marketing in what.

 That is what kind of question I wanted to answer. A whirlwind of different jobs, clients, projects, some which paid peanuts, some which made it big. With a sigh of satisfaction, I can simply say that the work I am doing right now is the kind of work I am obsessed with and would not mind continue doing it till my body sends a signal to retire.

2. Take risks

Taking risks can be one of the best things.

Going by the famous quote, you only live once, I should take risks and fail.

Fail big.

 So that at the age of 80 when I am sitting in a rocking chair, I am not dwelling the fact that I was stuck with something just because I wanted to play safe and, in that race, I couldn’t fulfill the urge to truly find myself.

3. Face Failures

One of my biggest fears was to face failures.

 If you’re in a position where you have to work cause you have to take the ROI of the school you invested in or probably work to fulfill the daily demands of the stomach, then you’re limiting yourself to just titles, popularity or income.

We all are a bit sensitive, aren’t we?

If someone’s going to come to us to say that you’re still stuck here, it is going to sting, no matter how many times we might have practiced in front of the mirror.

That’s the point though. To build resilience. To go through ups and downs and build perspective, cause that is the weapon that gives you an advantage for your start-up over a recent college graduate.

 You’re more worth than what other humans define you simply by words or titles and this journey is an example to prove it, not the next Mercedes booking you make at the car dealership.

Honestly, if I was not worried about the fact that I am going to be stuck in my dead-end job and had not upskilled myself, the digital agency might have just been a dream. A dream which someone else might have achieved.

Lastly, I would say it keeps getting better. Don’t panic or worry about catching up. The ultimate joy is in the journey and the detours you make to reach your destination. Cause if up and up and up is the only way then there’s no fun in that journey and sky might have been touched a bit too early.

What to do when you don’t get your dream job?

You scored a perfect one in your finals in college and was 100% prepared for the company you were dying to give your interview in. With full surety that you will crack the role and organization, you step inside with confidence and pass the interview with flying colors.

The results are out and you didn’t get in. With a broken heart and shattered dreams, you go back to your dorm and cry in self-pity.

Dream job.

Everyone wants it but only some get it.

 If you track the work record of your favorite professionals, not even one of them started with a dream job.

 All of us face rejection.

Isn’t the above scenario something that we all might have faced somewhere in our lives. Not getting the dream job doesn’t mean the end of the road.

There are some points on can you use that rejection to strategize and overcome the misery of disappointment to take the next action.

Take the rejection as a fuel to ignite the fire

Going into the path of negativity and continuously self-pitying yourself won’t help you much.

It might rather bring you down.

 The rejection letter that you’re holding can be used fuel to continuously motivate yourself for the ultimate goal that you have in life.

Upskill yourself.

In this era of heavy competition where thousands are fighting for the same job and position, upskilling yourself can be the best way.

Scan down the job requirements and match where can you be missing.

Take courses to upskill yourself.

 Read at least 1 to 2 articles and blogs per day to keep updated and listen to podcasts from your favorite mentors.

  • Find an alternate solution

My utmost desire was to become a brand or a marketing manager of an FMCG company. After completing my masters, I applied for a lot of FMCG companies for the open position but got rejected from all of them.

There were some days I was dwelling myself into negative emotions of how I can never secure my dream job.

After a few days, I just channeled my frustration into motivation and started a blog.

That was a side hustle.

I started learning a lot of digital techniques and helping small brands to upscale themselves in the digital world.

Finding clients through freelancing I landed up my dream job after two years of hard work and a better one that too.

There are some other strategies you could work on

  1. Can you give your services in the competitor’s arena? If not coke then let me try with Pepsi?
  2. Are there roles that are on a similar path and might entice you in an equal way to work yourself up for the position you desire to be on.
  3. LinkedIn branding- this one now quite becoming a popular path.

If you want yourself to shine in front of the corporate world, linked influencing is becoming one of the fastest ways to do so.

Just voice your thoughts out and what are you doing currently. Also, if you’re in a job what entices you the most about it.

A lot many recruiters are looking and if companies want to brand themselves, hiring LinkedIn influencers is one of the best ways for them.

Be in that company’s radar

Getting mulled because of rejection might make you lose your further chances of again applying in that company.

Alice wanted to be a part of one of the best fashion brands.

After getting rejected, she was genuinely disappointed but never lost hope.

She sent them a thankyou note for considering her for the position and also set up a google alert for hiring updates on LinkedIn.

Casual organic conversation with the people of the organization and keeping herself in radar with the hiring manager of the company finally landed her a job in the same one.

Think about this way, if you hadn’t been rejected from your dream job then probably upskilling yourself would have been something that might not have strike you.

It’s something you already have achieved, but when the time to find a job comes again since you’re bored with the current one, you know what would have been the result.

So, don’t get defeated because you got rejected, use it as a fuel to channel the frustration within you to get motivated.

You might not know what’s waiting for you on the other side.

Why Failing is important?

Let me start with a story. So, there was a kid who went to the best school in his town. He used to excel in almost everything.

He had a perfect GPS, perfect scores in all his exams, he was a good sportsperson, captain of the football team of his school. With his constant high performance, he got into one of the best universities in his country.

There as well he was excelling in all the classes he took. After graduating from college, he was able to get a good high paying job and also make a girlfriend along the way whom he looked forward to making his life partner one day.
Time flew and he finally got the chance to marry the love of his life and have children. Things were going good in his life as usual. Without failing, he was crossing every path of his life.

One day, the financial crisis struck and he was led off along with hundreds of his colleagues.

He was not ready for that layoff. He has never been ready for any lay off since he has always been winning in his life without failing.

He has always come across a hurdle and crossed that like a champion without failing.

But what now?

This was the first time he failed and it was not his mistake. Since the financial crisis had its effect for a longer period of time, he was unable to find any job suitable for him.

Rejections after rejections clouded his life and he fell into the deep crevices of depression.

He started to have constant anxiety attacks, but still, he refused to take any professional help since he could not believe that time in his life was so miserable that depression became a daily dose.

He could not bear it any longer and decided to take a gun and shot his children and wife before he shot himself.

That’s it.

That was the end.

It was not only an end to his suffering but also to his winning streaks. Oh, but what an ending.

If you read the above story again, you will see that without failing are the two words that have been highlighted a lot.

That’s because not only the protagonist of this story never had the opportunity to fail in his life, but he had never faced such a big failure.

When that failure finally hit, it was pretty late and he couldn’t fathom the entire thought of him tumbling down the stairs of life.

No one is accustomed to failing. That’s not what is taught to us in the schools.

It doesn’t mean that failing in anything, be it our exams or not getting into the best university or not securing a high paying job makes us victim to vulnerability.

Failing is important cause it makes us stronger.

Failing is important cause it gives your life a purpose of trying again one more time and this time trying your best.

The feeling of accomplishment that you get when you grow from experiences to finally get what you dreamt for years is far better than getting your dream job at one go.

It doesn’t mean that getting your dream job just after graduating from college is bad, but every fall makes your will a bit stronger to rise again and the face the world with better preparation.

Nobody’s an overnight success.

Neither the CEO of the biggest conglomerate nor a small entrepreneur who has managed to make a big name in your city.

What we see on social media is the end result and not the struggle that they went through.

So, focus on the struggle since everyone have their own stories and just believe in yourself.

Have the courage to embrace every failure.

Since it’s the resume of the failures that will make a headline story in your life and not just the strikes of continuous successes.

SO, fail and Fail big, but do not forget to rise from those ashes.

Why is it important to maintain a journal?

 I did not get what I wanted. After graduating from a good school and applying to so many jobs, I ended up in a job in which I did not find the least bit of interacting or up to what I deserved. That time, I felt, as if why did I even take the pain in my high school to so much if I had to eventually end up in a dig.

This is what most of us think when we end up somewhere, we did not at all wanted to or probably see ourselves going forward in our lives.

Nevertheless, I was depressed and anxious. Thinking about the future. Whether I will be getting to a place where I wanted to.

 What will the future hold in for me? Currently, I am dreading to go to my job every day but I have bills to pay, student loans to pay off and so much more that I cannot skip anything.

In all these times, what helped me was maintaining a journal. I used to write everything down. How was I feeling? What did I achieve today? What made me sad or what can I do to not let other’s words put my morale down.

Little did I knew that maintaining a journal was the main key to all my problems. Writing stuff and everyday experiences, helped me to see how much have I grown. Not only from my school life but also in my career.

I read somewhere that writing a journal sometimes help almost as taking therapy.

Of course, the two can’t be compared but the act of just venting things out and having a feeling that someone or something is listening to you decreases the tension and pressure emulating in your mind.

Following a similar path, I took an old brown leather-covered journal that was gifted to me by my cousin on my 20th birthday stating that I would need this in my life. I didn’t get the intensity at that time but now I thank my cousin for that small act.

Writing every day became a habit. Not only did it improve the way I write, but I became a storyteller in general.

From my failures to successes. From small things that I achieved to places where I made a mistake, all of it.

In the beginning, I didn’t see any change. I just used to write at the end of the day because that is what was my pill for releasing an unnerving tension that I used to carry from my workplace back home.

I also at some point decided to give up writing because I felt that no one’s listening to me and I couldn’t see a single change in my life.  

With this feeling, I just had an epiphany and decided to go back to my first journal entry. Just to read where I was and where am I now. Am I still miserable cause I felt so? Has there been any change?

But there was. In our day to day struggles to let life going on, we do not realize how far we have come.

We do not feel there has been any substantial change as we only focus on what is going on today. We forget to look at the bigger picture and that is what my journal showed me.

‘The bigger picture’. Not only had I grown in my role but I had developed a humongous amount of confidence.

 From being a person who just used to let a squeak out to guide people on how can we manage our tasks and other people. From just sitting at my home going through social media and reading books to going out and making friends out of work and networking.

From only focusing on my daily 9 to 5 work to helping various non-profit organizations scale up their business, I had come a long path and there was so much more to come.

I felt proud of myself and here I didn’t need anyone’s accreditation to tell me so cause my journal was enough to do the same.

How it feels to work a Business Controller in H&M

With the debut of my “journey of a leader” articles and a strong connection to the fashion background, I am interviewing my first leader who is currently working as a business controller in H&M.

A short stint about H&M- standing on the tagline of fashion and quality at its best price in a sustainable way, H&M is one of the leading fashion brands out there in the world.

From its good deals to quality materials and now increased focus on the care for the environment, it works on a big sustainable model. But the main question arises, how does it feel to work for such a large brand that too as a business controller?

From waking up every morning at 6 o’clock to prep for the day so that she can start working at 8, the first thing that out of habit (which she agrees is a bad one), Emma reaches, is her phone. That’s not to check the previous day emails, but it’s actually to be on her favourite social media apps. Emma surely has a different explanation for that.

I know it’s a bad habit, but these habits go out only with practice, but when your favourite artist has just released a new song or your other favourite artist has announced a tour or an album, you just can’t keep calm. 

On her way of driving to work, she has various educational podcasts. Those are a must, sometimes I feel that whatever I listen to can pump up my day with wisdom and knowledge and I can probably use that today while working. 

Arriving at her destination, she greets everyone with a smile and takes a seat in her designated place. What I like working about this place is that most of them are not from a fashion background, but the company stands for people.

From analyzing data to coming up with decisions and discussing them with the team to coming to the execution there are a lot of aspects that have to be considered, but all of them have people as the main focus behind it. 

Emma started as a store manager and being handled with such a great responsibility from the start, it was not easy for her. I was this little shy and introvert who somehow did get into the company but for the first few weeks I kept on getting constructive feedback on how I need to push myself more to get to know the people and interact with them. It was hard. A

lot many times I have just gone home and cried my eyes out or probably sat with a tub of ice cream and just said F it. 

The never giving attitude brought me back to life. There were a lot many times I had to deal with the co-workers who were completely out of my understanding, but dealing with them was a challenge and slowly through my knowledge, I gained that respect and friendliness. H&M is a place where you can be promoted within the organization at a fast pace but you have to be good at your current role, which I felt was liberating and motivating. 

Coming to the question of what advice would she like to give to other ambitious souls to join the organization in a similar role, she gets into deep thought

The organization is known to select one of the best people for higher and responsible positions, but what they really look for in a person is how easily you engage with people and they test your patience.

 Sometimes when you’re working in a store, that too in the sales time, its physically and emotionally draining. That is what is being tested on. How patient you’re and how’re you motivating your team to be calm and composed. A lot of situations would be given and how you tackle them and inspire them to become future leaders is what all they look for.

 We bid her goodbye as it is 8 o’clock and time for her to start working and for us to leave, with insights of how is it to work for H&M and what all you can do to if you also want to knock the doors to work for this brand.