What to do when you don’t get your dream job?

You scored a perfect one in your finals in college and was 100% prepared for the company you were dying to give your interview in. With full surety that you will crack the role and organization, you step inside with confidence and pass the interview with flying colors.

The results are out and you didn’t get in. With a broken heart and shattered dreams, you go back to your dorm and cry in self-pity.

Dream job.

Everyone wants it but only some get it.

 If you track the work record of your favorite professionals, not even one of them started with a dream job.

 All of us face rejection.

Isn’t the above scenario something that we all might have faced somewhere in our lives. Not getting the dream job doesn’t mean the end of the road.

There are some points on can you use that rejection to strategize and overcome the misery of disappointment to take the next action.

Take the rejection as a fuel to ignite the fire

Going into the path of negativity and continuously self-pitying yourself won’t help you much.

It might rather bring you down.

 The rejection letter that you’re holding can be used fuel to continuously motivate yourself for the ultimate goal that you have in life.

Upskill yourself.

In this era of heavy competition where thousands are fighting for the same job and position, upskilling yourself can be the best way.

Scan down the job requirements and match where can you be missing.

Take courses to upskill yourself.

 Read at least 1 to 2 articles and blogs per day to keep updated and listen to podcasts from your favorite mentors.

  • Find an alternate solution

My utmost desire was to become a brand or a marketing manager of an FMCG company. After completing my masters, I applied for a lot of FMCG companies for the open position but got rejected from all of them.

There were some days I was dwelling myself into negative emotions of how I can never secure my dream job.

After a few days, I just channeled my frustration into motivation and started a blog.

That was a side hustle.

I started learning a lot of digital techniques and helping small brands to upscale themselves in the digital world.

Finding clients through freelancing I landed up my dream job after two years of hard work and a better one that too.

There are some other strategies you could work on

  1. Can you give your services in the competitor’s arena? If not coke then let me try with Pepsi?
  2. Are there roles that are on a similar path and might entice you in an equal way to work yourself up for the position you desire to be on.
  3. LinkedIn branding- this one now quite becoming a popular path.

If you want yourself to shine in front of the corporate world, linked influencing is becoming one of the fastest ways to do so.

Just voice your thoughts out and what are you doing currently. Also, if you’re in a job what entices you the most about it.

A lot many recruiters are looking and if companies want to brand themselves, hiring LinkedIn influencers is one of the best ways for them.

Be in that company’s radar

Getting mulled because of rejection might make you lose your further chances of again applying in that company.

Alice wanted to be a part of one of the best fashion brands.

After getting rejected, she was genuinely disappointed but never lost hope.

She sent them a thankyou note for considering her for the position and also set up a google alert for hiring updates on LinkedIn.

Casual organic conversation with the people of the organization and keeping herself in radar with the hiring manager of the company finally landed her a job in the same one.

Think about this way, if you hadn’t been rejected from your dream job then probably upskilling yourself would have been something that might not have strike you.

It’s something you already have achieved, but when the time to find a job comes again since you’re bored with the current one, you know what would have been the result.

So, don’t get defeated because you got rejected, use it as a fuel to channel the frustration within you to get motivated.

You might not know what’s waiting for you on the other side.

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