Why Failing is important?

Let me start with a story. So, there was a kid who went to the best school in his town. He used to excel in almost everything.

He had a perfect GPS, perfect scores in all his exams, he was a good sportsperson, captain of the football team of his school. With his constant high performance, he got into one of the best universities in his country.

There as well he was excelling in all the classes he took. After graduating from college, he was able to get a good high paying job and also make a girlfriend along the way whom he looked forward to making his life partner one day.
Time flew and he finally got the chance to marry the love of his life and have children. Things were going good in his life as usual. Without failing, he was crossing every path of his life.

One day, the financial crisis struck and he was led off along with hundreds of his colleagues.

He was not ready for that layoff. He has never been ready for any lay off since he has always been winning in his life without failing.

He has always come across a hurdle and crossed that like a champion without failing.

But what now?

This was the first time he failed and it was not his mistake. Since the financial crisis had its effect for a longer period of time, he was unable to find any job suitable for him.

Rejections after rejections clouded his life and he fell into the deep crevices of depression.

He started to have constant anxiety attacks, but still, he refused to take any professional help since he could not believe that time in his life was so miserable that depression became a daily dose.

He could not bear it any longer and decided to take a gun and shot his children and wife before he shot himself.

That’s it.

That was the end.

It was not only an end to his suffering but also to his winning streaks. Oh, but what an ending.

If you read the above story again, you will see that without failing are the two words that have been highlighted a lot.

That’s because not only the protagonist of this story never had the opportunity to fail in his life, but he had never faced such a big failure.

When that failure finally hit, it was pretty late and he couldn’t fathom the entire thought of him tumbling down the stairs of life.

No one is accustomed to failing. That’s not what is taught to us in the schools.

It doesn’t mean that failing in anything, be it our exams or not getting into the best university or not securing a high paying job makes us victim to vulnerability.

Failing is important cause it makes us stronger.

Failing is important cause it gives your life a purpose of trying again one more time and this time trying your best.

The feeling of accomplishment that you get when you grow from experiences to finally get what you dreamt for years is far better than getting your dream job at one go.

It doesn’t mean that getting your dream job just after graduating from college is bad, but every fall makes your will a bit stronger to rise again and the face the world with better preparation.

Nobody’s an overnight success.

Neither the CEO of the biggest conglomerate nor a small entrepreneur who has managed to make a big name in your city.

What we see on social media is the end result and not the struggle that they went through.

So, focus on the struggle since everyone have their own stories and just believe in yourself.

Have the courage to embrace every failure.

Since it’s the resume of the failures that will make a headline story in your life and not just the strikes of continuous successes.

SO, fail and Fail big, but do not forget to rise from those ashes.

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