How to optimize your content for better traffic to your website?

Whether you have started your blog, or are already through it by a year or more, one of the obstacles that you might have come across is getting traffic in the initial phase.

 Making people aware of your blog or website, or trying to portray it differently from your competitors can be a hard task.

Here’s how you can try some content hacks to make yourself different out there in the market and increase traffic towards your website.

Niche content

This sounds a bit obvious, but people like to research specific things on certain topics.

For example, if you specialize in selling skincare cosmetics, then going all the way to explain what all ingredients help a certain skincare routine can be your virtue.

Or if you’re into baking then making content around how to make special desserts or what desserts can go on a special occasion can help boost the traffic towards your website.

Scattering it at different places might even confuse your SEO strategy to have a definite landing page.


Not only about creating engaging content which varies from written blogs to videos and also podcasts, but engaging with your followers and like-minded people on social media helps boost your social media profile.

You post new content, social media is one of the first places to make people aware of that, but don’t forget to look into others’ content and hype them up for your website’s traffic to flourish.

Content calendar

 This is one of the things that has helped a lot of blogs to receive an increased amount of traffic.

 A content calendar will not only keep your updates in track but also create a sense of excitement and anticipation of what’s coming next.

It’s almost like an artist giving a small trailer of what is in store for their followers.


might have heard this a lot many times, and you get to see it here as well. Consistency is the key to success. It is not only limited to your website or blog up-gradation but also your following social media platforms. If your blog or website has a LinkedIn page, then consistency in telling who you’re and what value do you provide on that forum helps a lot in professional ways as well.

Humorous content

A lot many people need that upheaval and information every day.

If your content is provided in a humorous manner where your viewers relate to your comment or find it interesting and uplifting enough, you can certainly see the number of shares going up.

If the content is educational, elements of fun help in giving a break from the monotonous feed and helps the viewers remember the content better.

These are 4 hacks you can use to increase the traffic towards your website and have increased followers on your social media.

If you’re skeptical of how to go about it, checkout some amazing and popular blogs. Their journey helps in casting how you can go making your own path to better content creation and lower bounce rate.

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