How can marketers use some psychology hacks?

Marketing is psychology. Well leaving the part where you start analyzing and come to conclusions from google analytics.

 Psychology is where you grasp and trick the mind of the consumer to buy your product or service.

Now, don’t deny subscribing to a Youtube channel where a cute doggo was reviewing food because it was part of ASMR. What has product placement to do with it?



Well, everything.

So, here are some necessary psychology tricks you can use in your daily life to grab that opportunity and sell your product or service and achieve success.

1.       Confidence and eye contact.

 Now when you’re selling yourself in an interview (you might be a potential product for that company) two things that you need to take care is confidence and eye contact.

Even if you don’t know what the rubbish are you puking out in front of the interviewer, that rubbish with the right eye contact, and confidence might win you a good deal.

2.       Stories

   You might argue that how stories can be a part of psychology.

   Well reading someone else’s story or relatable conditions emulates a cognitive function in the brain. That emulation makes you think that there is someone in the world who either can understand you or you can potentially take guidance from.    

Well, this emulation can get you a follower. So, share as much as you can

3.       Ask them not to do it.

It’s not only the case with small children but also with grown-ups. ( wassup millennials and Gen Z’s).

if you ask someone to do it, then there are comparatively low chances that people might actually obey you and follow the routine.

 Well, there’s always a twist.

Reports have shown that if you ask people not to do it, an example to not click on a certain picture or on a profile, chances are that the profile will be opened 65% more as compared to asking them to do so.

4.       Visually creative

Credit: Venngage

Another figure says that retaining power of our minds towards visuals is better as compared to written texts.

 Not only the visual one but also attention towards podcasts have increased a lot. Podcasts are becoming increasingly famous due to their potential of eliciting information via talk through. So, marketers, pump your profile with those numbers in a creative and visually attractive way.

These are some hacks that you can use in your daily life to grab the eyeballs towards your goals and make them happen. Comment below your favorite hack from above or any other hack you that you might use in daily life.

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